Warframe Shows Off Teaser For The Duviri Paradox

The hugely successful Warframe was featured at the Summer Game Fest 2022, giving gamers the chance to experience what's coming next for Digital Extremes' online action-RPG.

The Senior Community Manager Megan Everett introduced the teaser for the forthcoming Update "The Duviri Paradox." 

The teaser isn't clear however it showcases the black and white look as well as massive sky-destroying serpents as well as bizarre mask-wearing figures. 

The voiceover, which is familiar to those who have played Warframe is a bit dull, in reference to "new dangers and new choices." 

A gameplay debut will take place at Tennocon which is the Warframe con centered on Warframe on the 16th of July this year. 

The Summer Games Fest and Tennocon will also offer in-game rewards for those who are interested.

The 30 minutes you watch of Summer Game Fest on Twitch can allow you to play Protea Warframe, as long that you have Twitch Drops set up on your account. 

The Tennolive stream on Twitch allows players to obtain the Titania Prime Warframe, as along with the Crescent Night Bundle. 

You can also join on game during Tennocon to get The Stranger's Hood The item is shown within the trailer.

In the meantime new changes and new features are being added into the games "Echoes of the Zariman" expansion. 

The update will respond to feedback from the community by decreasing Eximus Overguard as well as improving Void Sling Mobility. 

Warframe has progressed a lot since its first release in 2013, and has been available across all platforms including PC through Nintendo Switch and the new console generation. 

The game has seen regular updates of new content and is free to play since the game's launch.

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