Why does Tesla receive the most attention in electric cars?

Tesla is not just producing electric cars.

They are actually producing electric cars that are compelling and that are not in any way a compromise to someone who owns one.

They are also building out the infrastructure in the form of Superchargers.

Teslas are really the only electric car that is travel worthy in the US, Canada and lots of Europe, without any compromise.

Tesla's EVs vehicles can be charged incredibly quickly, using the Tesla-owned-and-operated Super Charger network.

They are also creating the most advanced autopilot system on the planet. 

Tesla owners’ cars have been collecting detailed data from radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors, on all AP equipped cars, since late 2014.

That means Tesla is approaching a many years lead on its competition with it’s data.

The data is absolutely imperative to a functional and safe autonomous driving system.

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