Xbox and Bethesda Showcase Length Revealed

Xbox has revealed the duration of it's Xbox as well as Bethesda showcase event is expected to last until it airs this weekend.

After a week filled with reveals of updates, teases, and reveals on the upcoming year's major video game launches, gamers are anticipating the final big celebration.

While there's a chance Nintendo might join in and stage an Nintendo Direct in the coming months, Xbox is the last major gamer to have an event planned for the Summer Game Fest.

At present at this point, we have just some very general notions of what to anticipate of the event. Despite the unfortunate delay until 2023.

it's anticipated that Starfield will unveil its major gameplay reveal during the show as well as new shots of various other games.

MachineGames revealed that the game will be having a presence at the event also, which suggests Wolfenstein 3 could finally be unveiled, but there is no guarantee.

But, they are eager to know when they can expect the Xbox and Bethesda event will last.

The Xbox's Aaron Greenberg revealed that the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase is currently at 95 minutes and there's plenty to look at during the show.

Xbox will also be planning another 90-minute show that will feature interviews, demos, and other details about the games featured during the show.

There won't likely be any shocking news from this second event, but for those wanting to know more about what they're planning to showing, this will be an ideal addition.

It remains to be seen what games will be announced on the show, Xbox has a large list of games we have no information about, ranging from Fable from State of Decay 3.

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