Xbox Cloud Gaming Caters to PC Users with a New Feature

After having teased the feature earlier in the year, Microsoft is finally ready to include the keyboard and mouse feature for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The company announced that significant improvement in latency are on the route to enhance gaming experiences.

In a presentation during XFest 2022, Microsoft revealed that keyboard and mouse support is in the works.

While Xbox consoles have enjoyed this feature for a long time, Microsoft has worked tirelessly to improve and update the cloud gaming experience.

At present, games supported available on Xbox Cloud Gaming require a controller when playing on the PC and mobile gamers are able to play using touch controls or an controller.

Microsoft is encouraging game developers to make necessary changes to allow keyboard and mouse input, and make use of enhancements to the latency.

It doesn't appear that developers will need to make many modifications to make this frequently requested feature.

For those who aren't aware, Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft's service for streaming Xbox games to televisions and PCs, mobile devices and much more. It also is competing with Google's Stadia.

That launched with support for keyboards and mice from the beginning.

When support is finally live, Xbox gamers will be able to stream Xbox games onto the PC and use their preferred PC gaming mouse and keyboard instead of changing to the controller.

Finally, Microsoft has been working on a brand new Display Details API that should dramatically increase latency and eventually pave the way for more high-resolution games for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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