Xbox Series and Xbox One X Users Surprised With Free Gift Cards

Microsoft has been pleasantly surprised Xbox One, Xbox One X|S along with Xbox Series X|S users with free Microsoft Store gift cards.

Unfortunately, the giveaway offered by Phil Spencer and co. seems random and possibly quite restricted as well.

2 night before, Xbox users began to post via Twitter, Reddit, and other places on the Internet that they received a complimentary Microsoft Store reward card worth $10 from Microsoft by doing nothing.

If this is familiar to you this is because Microsoft has this practice several times each year.

Each time, the prize is restricted and random and, it appears that these specific aspects of the program have not changed.

There is speculation that the Xbox Live Gold membership is mandatory, however should it be not the sole requirement , as a lot of Xbox Live Gold subscribers have not received anything.

What's likely to be required is that you be a subscriber to email messages from Xbox.

The confirmation isn't yet confirmed, but this is how it works on different platforms, such as PlayStation as well as Nintendo.

While you wait be sure to keep an eye for the email that is associated with the email address associated with your Xbox account.

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