This week last week, the Xbox has once again outsold it's counterpart, PlayStation in Japan this happened in the last month, too.

According to data on sales between June 13 and 19th 2022 The Xbox Series X sold 3,272 consoles in Japan while in the same period, the Xbox Series S sold 3,423 consoles in Japan.

In the same way however, the PlayStation results are two times as poor. Standard consoles sold for 2371 units available, as were 664 consoles that did not have discs.

There is a belief that these signs indicate a lack of supply of Sony Interactive Entertainment systems in Japan.

To give you an example the PlayStation 5 sold 12,440 units on sale last week however, those of the Xbox Series X/S sold two times less , with 6,242 consoles.

The success of Xbox this week has had little impact on the sales figures of the most recent generation consoles available in Japan.

So far, 1.69 million PlayStation 5 and 232,000 Xbox Series consoles are sold across the nation.

It is believed that the Nintendo Switch continues to be the top-rated game console for gamers in Japan by a large margin.

More than 100,000 Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED consoles were available for sales last week. That's more than five times the numbers of Xbox PlayStation and PlayStation.

Recently PlayStation 5 has recently PlayStation 5 has passed another mark that is twenty million units sold around the world.

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