YouTube Shorts watched by over 1.5 billion users

Youtube has positioned its video platform to better reflect the reality of today’s viewer who interacts with video at different times throughout the day.

The YouTube-owned video streaming and music platform YouTube, has confirmed that Shorts is now being viewed by more than 1.5 million users every month, just two years after it was launched. 

YouTube promoted Shorts' ability drive viewers to creators long-form video channels, as a result of its investments in Shorts.

Although it refers to the trend as "the Rise of the Multiformat Creator", in reality it is more an admission that YouTube still values longer-form content.

In its announcement, the company stated that its video platform better reflected the realities of today's viewers, who interact with video at different times and locations throughout the day.

Sometimes, users may want to scroll quickly through short content while on the move.

Other times they might be able to view the video for longer periods of time and then will switch to YouTube videos. 

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